Monday, June 6, 2016

Dog of the week


Rosie's Nosy Nose Knows

Rosie's Nosy Nose Knows!
Let's check out a new dog breed. This week we are going to look at the Labrador Retriever, one of the most popular breeds in the USA.
Labs are loyal, loving and affectionate. They make a great family dog and with their high intelligence and eager to please personality they also make awesome service dogs. Labs love to play, especially if there is water involved and are excellent swimmers. They are easily trained and crave human leadership. Labs are very strong so it's important to train them proper manners as puppies. These dogs are great watch dogs but not usually a guard dog because of their easy going attitude. These dogs can become destructive if left with too much free time. Their human must be the 100% pack leader and they need to have mental and physical exercise but with that they are a fantastic family or working dog.

Labs are great dogs!

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